"My vocation for glass acts in response to the special effect of the translucence and brightness of its crystals when it comes into contact with light.".

An art studio where...

Each of our elegant glass artworks is made with a wide range of materials and includes unique materials. We work with glass of an unlimited range of colors and the top quality made in the United States.

We painted with light.

My work have the virtue of allowing the incorporation of artificial light in order to achieve the same effect that a stained glass window would do but in spaces with limited lighting.

Represented by: Frame Art Inc. Miami-Brickell. Address: 96 SW 7th Street, Miami FL 33130. Phone: 305-358-7226

Represented by: Blu Egg Interiors & Art Gallery. Address: 8650 Biscayne Blvd Suite 2, Miami FL 33138. Phone: 508-680-6218

Represented by: Zelaya Framing & Art Gallery. Address: 795 NE 125 st, Miami FL 33161. Phone: 508-680-6218

Our stained glass

In artyglass we work in a perfect balance between the modernity offered by new techniques and materials, and respect for the millennial tradition of the stained-glass trade. As a result of years of experience and constant research, we have given an innovative turn to glass art, turning each work into elegant pieces of contemporary design.


With more than 18 years of creative experience in Cuba and Spain, his technique consists of making works of art on a crystallized resin support, which projects an image similar to a glass sheet, as well as an organic composition that makes it highly resistant to impacts and ultraviolet rays.