AV Unit Pictures

AV Unit Pictures helps you to manage your daily operation!

AV Unit Pictures App is a SaaS unique and personalized application for taking photos of Unit Parts, where you always have control of each Unit Part within the workshop.

All the images and documents captured by the application are synchronized in real time with the Company’s DATA Cloud Storage, thus guaranteeing quick access to the information of each Work Order.

Software as a Service (SaaS).

Aviation Unit Pictures Management System for FAA Repair Station Companies.

An SaaS App to help technicians at a FAA Repair Station company to capture images and automated data for Work Orders, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Repair Orders.

Multi platform

It works in and out of the shop, on any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It has been designed and developed to guarantee an important part of the Quality Control process, allowing control of the stage of each Unit Part within the Repair Station from the reception of the Unit to its packaging and shipment to the Customer.

Extremely easy to use and navigate through the Menus and Buttons, you do not need training to use it.!

Technicians can scan the Order Number, whether it is WO, PO, RO, or SO, and take various photos of Unit Parts, as well as Documents, Certificates, etc.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Robust, scalable and flexible

Some Features

Integration with Tools, Assets, Manuals, Part Units, Location, Customers.

Administration of Users and Roles.

Customer Management.

Management Views and Buttons.

General Settings for the use of the GUI environment.

After a new entry, the application automatically synchronizes the data to the Cloud Storage of the Company.

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Software as a service (SaaS). AV Unit Pictures

An unprecedented opportunity to increase the value of your Company.

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